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Peachy 🍑 Lovers Reunion

Here are the photographs from the last photo shoot of Peachy 🍑....the awesome Pachycephalosaurus dome with spikes and nodes discovered in South Eastern Montana Badlands on a hike in July of 2023

What wondrous things Mother Earth shows us ... what wondrous blessings from God... both are always present 🙏🦖🌍. Both can leave one speechless!

Erik and I were on a wild adventure a couple weeks ago at the end of January beginning of February. I'll be writing about our adrenaline packed drive in and out of the Badlands next.

Unfortunately, it snowed for 24 hours this past week. Nell, my Montana mom said it blew 40 miles an hour in every direction. Most of the Badlands are bare but other areas have 2 to 3 foot drifts.

No worries we will be crazy enough to get back out in February🦖 searching for big T-Rex teeth....

Adventure always awaits...I'll get the gate!


July 2023...yellow "sweet grass" growing wild

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