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Peachy 🍑 Lovers

It's a cold rainy October day. The scorching hot dusty summer days of July walking the Badlands are replaced with later sunrises and cold crisp mornings just above freezing.

We look forward to the cooler temperatures and are truly excited to find another discovery or two to get us through the winter.

Discovering Peachy was the highlight of the summer.

From the moment I saw the beautiful peach colored Pachy dome laying in grey mud I was in complete awe...what wonders the Earth gives us

Two and a half months later that wonderous discovery of the Pachy dome has evolved into an amazing specimen.

Peachy by far is the most incredible discovery in my 20 years of fossil hunting

Pictured above is Peachy's classic Pachy dome side




The Pachy dome specimen

Measures: 9 1/2" Wide X 17 1/2" Length

Here is the bottom of the Pachy dome.

Our dinosaur fossil discoveries are known around the world for being 100 percent original. The buyer has the option to take it to the next level and do a complete restoration. Or leave the specimen in its original state.

A Garden spider in the brush next to where the Pachy dome was discovered.

Ok ....Let's take a look at more new photographs of Peachy

Side view

Close up of side view

Long side view

Top view

Here's a little local history about South Eastern Montana.

The first Pachy dome on record was discovered by William Winkley and was found outside of Ekalaka, Montana. It was found on a famous butte called "Old Faithful". The very same hills and pastures we hiked off and on for over 20 years.

Our Montana mom Nellie Howell grew up on a ranch one pasture over from the Winkley's ranch. Nell knew the Winkley family well.

Pachycephalosaurus was named by Barnum Brown and Enrich M. Schlaikjer in 1943. Peachy's Scientific name ...Order Ornithischian. Genus Pachycephalosaurus. Species, P. wyomingensis.

I discovered my baby Pachy dome almost 18 years ago on the same "Old Faithful" hill. Peachy was not discovered at "Old Faithful". However the pachy dome was found in relatively close proximity on a neighboring ranch.

Paleo Fact: Powderville of South Eastern Montana is known for its abundance of Pachycephalosaurus fossils.

Pictured above is a Fully Rooted Pachycephalosaurus tooth still in matrix. Erik found it in a Hell Creek micro site in the winter of 2021. Pachycephalosaurus teeth are noted for their fan shape.

Back to a couple more glamour shots of Peachy

Wow...Peachy 🍑 doesn't have a bad side

Another amazing view of the Pachy dome

Front view

Beautiful pic. of Peachy 🍑🦖

Talk about amazing adventures in the Badlands this summer. Finding Peachy will make 2023 an unforgettable season in the field. It's been exciting to share this discovery and journey with all of you.

South Eastern Montana Badlands

I'll get the Adventures await 🦖

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Wonderful fossils, terrific photos, and solid dialogue. Thank you! Eric

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