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November Reflections

Updated: Mar 2

Notice the moon in the morning sky

It has been a tough year yet full of blessings. As the calendar year comes to an end so do our last days in the field. We survived our first ice storm followed by a snowstorm towards end of October. Weeks later the snow and ice have melted and the Southeastern Badlands are back to dust bowl dry. We were able to steal a day out a week and a half ago and get out hiking. It was an amazing feeling to arrive at our destination and load up our backpacks to head out for a long hike.

It was a gorgeous late Fall morning in the mid 30's and about 15 minutes into our hike I had to stop and started taking off layers but pretended to be taking pictures when Erik turned around to check that I was behind him....🦖

It's late...I will continue my blog over the next few days. I have been ill for several weeks and haven't had the energy to write.


Oh deer....

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