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It’s Peachy in the Badlands

We have been hiking the Badlands. This past week about 8 miles! As Fall approaches with less and less daylight to travel and hike, we have a burning desire to keep hiking and cover more ground and go where no Hooley has gone before freezes!

In October we are usually still able to get out half of the month. We could get a big snow and go into the deep freeze and be done or it's mild and we keep working through November, sometimes even December. We pick the warmest day(s) of the week to be out. 102 to 32!

Wow....where to start with how amazing "Peachy" is looking day after day. Erik spends his time prepping when we aren't in the field working.

The Pachy dome is mostly finished on the left side with spikes and nodes🦖

Here is a top view of Peachy. Notice those spikes wrapping around with several clustered at the back. Look all the way at the end of the matrix where yet another big spike lays. We think it will reattach in the clusters.

The front nose area has been prepped. Erik is now working on the thick peachy dome side. it awesome on the original side that I first laid eyes on Peachy!

The massive thick skull in person is amazing. The weight of this piece is impressive too!

On a side note ...We will be having a private off line auction for the Pachy dome the first or second weekend in October🦖

Any of our clients that would like to get in on the action please contact us by the end of the month so you can be included in the bidding.

Until then..,,I'll keep the Pachy dome updates rolling!

Wish us luck 🍀 in the Badlands

Team Hooley


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