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Winter Skyline

Updated: Jan 13

Our morning starts off with a sunrise.

A big blue sky will soon give way to shades of yellows and orange

The sun casts a halo of colors in the clouds

Picture of the morning ....

Until we're crossing the Powderville bridge

The sun is blinding as we are crossing the bridge. I am looking up into the sun to spy one of our favorite pair of eagles that sit often upon the jagged rock formation atop the butte

What a stunning moment to capture!

Onto the rest of our journey....

This day I'm taking the top...walking on high and Erik is hiking the bottom

Instead of "Where's Waldo?"... Where's Erik in the picture

Some days we talk back and forth while exploring the Badlands and other days time passes and we catch a glimpse of each other while working.

And we also explore together. On never before explored turf we never know when the earth opens up and rows of Badlands appear.

This beautiful December day we hiked the entire morning apart.

It's about 11am and I start hiking down to meet up with Erik for lunch and finish off our day. We have a decent hike back so on this winter day only a couple hours are left to hike.

Neither one of us found anything significant. We think we might of missed our good luck kiss in the morning.....,We pucker up 💋 and head off in different directions again. I told E to find me a T-Rex tooth and a claw🦖

Erik stopped to dig up Triceratops frill on the surface and something kept gleaming in the sun and catching his eye and it was this Juvenile T-Rex tooth above!

He also found a claw but it was recent. I should of been more specific.🤣

Our day of discovery has had a happy ending 🦖and we head back on our long hike back to the vehicle.

Next month for February will be a "Peachy 🍑Lover's Reunion" with unseen gorgeous photos of my Pachy dome on its last photo shoot!

Our day is done but no worries we'll be back next year for more unforgettable days in the field....

Adventure always awaits....I'll get the gate🦖🥰

This photo was taken December 5th on our way home. I meant to add it to December in the Badlands

In South Eastern Montana we also have an abundance of many different species of hawks. This large hawk was in a tree near the county road and took off in flight as we drove by. Blow up the picture and check out his large powerful legs.

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