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Pachy dome with Spikes and nodes 1st update

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Hello Pachy dome fans! It's been a couple of weeks! Erik has been prepping every day while I was out of town. This discovery is evolving into way more than just a dome! (this is my second one I've personally found)(first one was a baby dome).

It is currently laying on the right side that was exposed when I discovered it. (from first pics in the field and video)

Erik has been slowing removing clay/mud matrix that was glued to our precious Pachy dome in order to preserve and move it.

In doing so he is uncovering a row of nodes at the base of the dome. Node after node and even an amazing spike off the back (and another spike not pictured).

We're hoping to see the eye orbit or a jaw section with teeth! Who knows what will be unearthed next out of the clay/mud matrix.

He did however discover several sets of bite marks from teeth, showing signs of predation on the actual dome!

Check out these couple of sets of teeth marks!

And nextt picture has we think had an actual imprint of a tooth!

Here is the last picture with a close up of all the nodes and spike. Erik can hardly stop prepping since more and more detail comes to life each time.

New teeth will be added to our website the first Saturday of the month....which is in two weeks...September 2nd!

We hope everyone visits the store September 2nd!

🦖😊Team Hooley

Kristen-Erik and Nathan

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