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New Year/New Adventures🦖

"The Saddle Back"... during Fall and Winter and going into Spring, can be a treacherous, slick part of the journey with an unbelievable drop off..

it's starting out as a dark and ominous looking sky... uncertain of what it's going to do in the distance

We are optimistic it looks like it's trying to lighten up

What we didn't realize on our journey into the Badlands that some of these county and Ranch roads were actually frozen in the morning and on the way back they were slick as ice! An adventure, we would only repeat if we forgot what we had learned in the past!

On this day of our adventure it was mostly dry you can see the patches of snow that remain on the north east side of these buttes.

I am holding a pachycephalosaurus vertebra that Erik found.

This is my favorite side

And so our year begins the last week of January. It was amazing to be out in February in the Badlands. And it continued into March. Definitely March Madness if we're out on adventures every week!

A New Year of discovery awaits...I'll get the gate🥰🦖🍑😉Kristen

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